The 2016 Summit is a forum to discuss solutions to climate change. Below you will find some innovative ideas that may help us adapt to climate change.

What is your solution? Submit your ideas in the comments section below or email your ideas to so they can be included on this page!


Project Sun Roof

Project Sun Roof is a visionary project that foresees a time when global electricity needs are met through the power of the sun. This will require a multitude of micro generating stations that will come in the form of individual vehicles, buildings and open spaces (fields, yards, etc.). The ultimate goal of the project is to push down the cost of solar energy through an economy of scale and a boost to the industry that sees the best minds working on innovation and efficiency in the solar energy field. Once solar energy becomes affordable to the average home and business owner, the advantages of being your own power producer become irresistible to anyone wanting to reduce power costs.


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