Art Show

An Artist’s Statement on the Environment

by Lynda Lynn

The Mermaid's Broock by Lynda Lynn
The Mermaid’s Broock by Lynda Lynn

Painting is a way that I choose to express myself. Living in Muskoka, I’m inspired by the natural environment both from a wide landscape perspective, to the microscopic creatures that inhabit our water.

I love the feel of the soft breezes on my face, the rainbows in the dewdrops, the smell of the land after a summer rain, softly falling snowflakes as big as feathers, slushing waterfalls, sitting quietly observing the wildlife, knowing that we are all a part of this wonder. It brings me great respect for our Earth and a troubling concern for the disregard and waste of these precious resources and of their fast decline.

Observing and painting have taken me on a long journey to where I am now. Starting with stained glass windows based upon microscopic studies of rock crystals and tree branch cell structure, through traditional landscape and abstract paintings, an extensive study of colour and its psychology, to this exciting endeavour about our environment.

Painting is singing with colour. Like music, visual art is made of texture, rhythm, movement and balance and every painter combines those elements in an individual way. I like to paint in a variety of media, in a manner that encompasses subjective colour (content with emotion) while trying to instill a love and curiosity about these wonders of nature in the viewer, and don’t know of another artist who has combined the beauty of expressionistic art with the science of the subject matter of the paintings. In this way I hope that I can be of help.

It is a privilege to be able to communicate and open others eyes to the wonders of nature that many never really see or take the time to understand, hoping to encourage the exploration, knowledge and preservation of this natural world while we still have time to do so.

“I cannot expect my art to provide all of the answers,” said Grace Hartigan. “Only to hope it keeps asking the right questions.”

5 February 2016