2016 Warming World Summit

2016 MSE Header

May 27-28, 2016
Rene Caisse Theatre
Bracebridge, Ontario


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Climate Change is an important local, provincial, national, and international issue and the programs and projects we develop and implement today have economic, social, and environmental implications. The 4th Muskoka Summit on the Environment (MSE) in May 2016 will examine Solutions for a Warming World.

The speakers are internationally renowned and will address a range of solutions; from the overall need for international cooperation to reduce greenhouse gases to the need for local adaptation to mitigate the changes which are already underway. The approaches range from political through economic, through engineering.


The future of Canada is closely tied to a
strong and healthy environment.

International, national and community-based action is necessary to ensure a future that reflects our shared Canadian values of respect for Indigenous rights, internationalism, human rights, diversity, and environmental stewardship.

The target audience for the Summit is those people that have the potential to make the biggest difference; the public, students, academia, and professionals in both the public and private sector.

The aim of MSE is to promote open national dialogue so that current scientific knowledge on environmental issues is used effectively to inform government policy, develop programs and direct management actions at the local, provincial and national level.