Day 1: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Session Speaker
Opening Master of Ceremonies:
John Smol
Session 1 Justina Ray
Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
Losing Biodiversity: Is it important if we don’t see it?
Session 2 Jeremy Kerr
University of Ottawa
Emerging threats and converging responses: challenges and opportunities for conservation in an era of global change
Session 3 Andrew Gonzalez
McGill University
Biodiversity science for global environmental change
Session 4 Stephen Monet
City of Sudbury
Living Landscape – Greater Sudbury’s Biodiversity Action Plan

Steve Hounsell
Ontario Biodiversity Council
Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy – Protecting What Sustains Us
Session 5 Thomas Lovejoy
George Mason University
A wild solution for climate change


 Day 2: Thursday, June 7, 2012

Session Speaker
Session 6 Karen Kraft Sloan
EcoNexus, Founder
The Science – Policy Nexus: making public policy as if biodiversity mattered
Discussion Moderator: Paul Kennedy
CBC Radio
Closing Gord Miller
Environmental Commissioner of Ontario